Birthday Parties & 
Community Events
Party with us!

Does your child want a party that is...

Imaginative?     Engaging?   Creative?   Challenging?   Spectacular? 
Chemically Reactive?   Magical?  Enriching? 

Hands-On Learning Services can design a party for you that can be any or all of these things.

If it seems like spells and magic, it can probably be explained by science. We'll act like wizards as we uncover some amazing secrets!  We'll outfit the young wizards and witches will all the essential gear!

We'll bring our lego kits- simple machines to motorized mechanisms- and let the kids learn about physics and mechanics as they complete some really fun builds!

We'll put the party guests into teams and guide them through of series of challenges that require them to use all parts of their brains as they incorporate physics, engineering- and maybe a little math and language skill- to earn the most points.  At the conclusion of the games, we'll crown a winning team!


This party is all about the science behind bubbles, flight, expansions, and eruptions.  The kids will build soda bottle rockets, experiment with soda geysers, launching soft projectiles, and generally making a giant mess and it will be awesome!

Your party guests will learn a lot about the natural world around them by making their own worm composters, playing with owl pellets, and more!

Blood, boogers, slime, and guts!  We'll examine and make the stuff that the kids love and parents hate cleaning up!

Having a hard time deciding on a theme?  Why not mix and match a few activities into a party of your liking?  Have a different idea?  Let us develop it for you.  We're very flexible and willing to experiment!
Scheduling & Costs
We can run your party at your house or an off-site location of your choice.  We will bring staff and all materials to the party location.  The birthday boy or girl will receive a science-themed gift bag.

Parties must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance and be advised that party dates and times fill up.


  • 1 hour party- $250 (up to 15 kids).  
  • Each additional hour- $100
  • Additional guests (over 15 kids)- $15/child
  • Party-themed gift bags- $7/guest

  • non-refundable deposit of $50 is required at the time of booking.  This will be applied to the balance, which can be paid on or before the date of the party.
To book a party, check for availability, or for more information, please contact us at  
(subject= birthday parties)

or call 443.333.8846