Fantastic Friday Science
Waugh Chapel Elementary
(exclusively for Waugh Chapel Elementary students)
Hands-On Learning Services
Registration Form
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Please provide the NAME and PHONE NUMBER of an EMERGENCY CONTACT that we should call in case we cannot reach the parent/guardian listed above.
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If you know ahead of time that someone other than parent/guardian will  be dropping off or picking up your child/children from Friday Science, please indicate below the name of the person who will be doing so
Name of drop off/pick up person
Health Information
Does your child have any food allergies or other health concerns (physical, behavioral, emotional, etc) that we should know about?  
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It is our policy that all medications- prescription and/or over-the-counter- must be administered at home.  We will not administer or permit on the premises prescription or over-the-counter medications at Fantastic Friday Science.  The only exceptions are emergency medications such as epi pens and athsma inhalers.
Medication Policy
Photo release
Hands-On Learning, LLC, has my permission to take photos of my child during Friday Science and to post the photos on the company website
Special Instructions & Requests please enter if applicable
I, as parent/guardian of the above referenced child/children, give my permission for my child to participate in Fantastic Friday  Science.  I have read, understand, and will adhere to all policies oultined above, including but not limited to the medication policy.Further, I understand, agree to, and accept the policies of Hands-On Learning Services, with the understanding that neither the facilitators of this event nor AACPS, nor Waugh Chapel Elementary School are responsible for lost articles or injury.
To complete registration, please click the submit button below.  After submitting, you will be directed to the payment page to complete the process.
Costs and fees 
Each Friday Science session costs $33
 (additional siblings $29).

We're sorry, but we do not refund money for missed classes.  However, if you must miss a session that you have paid for, you can transfer the registration fees to another child.
I agree to the policies outlined above