The purpose of Fantastic Friday Science 
is to engage students in a meaningful educational experience in which they use science concepts, skills, and processes to solve problems and learn about their world using a hands-on approach in a setting that is more relaxed and informal than the traditional classroom.   Our intent is to allow all students to see that they are creative and intelligent and that science is a fun- and fundamental- process that is for everyone.

Our program is based on a concept that was first developed by the Clarion University Center for Science Education in Clarion, Pennsylvania.  The lessons and methods we employ have been shown to peak students' interest in science and inquiry by taking the process of learning and disguising it as fun.

Each session will focus on a different theme with activities and lessons designed to make the skills and concepts outlined in the state curriculum jump to life before your children's eyes.

Registration costs cover all lab fees and include fun surprises for your children to bring home!  Please be aware that becasue we use enrollment numbers to purchace materials, and we purchace these materials in advance of the program dates, we can not refund registration fees if you are not able to make it to an event.  

We also strongly encourage you to register at least 3 day in advance of the event to guarantee your child a spot

Our Science programs work like this:  
After registering their children, parents are free to leave.  

The students are placed into groups by grade level.  

Throughout the day (or evening, in the case of Fantastic Friday Science), each group will rotate through the different activity stations, each of which is taught by experienced teachers.  
Each activity lasts approximately 1 hour and we take a 30 minute meal break.  

At the end of the program, the kids will receive their certificates of completion and to wait for parents to pick them up. 
What parents are saying...
"Since attending our first couple of science programs, my kids have asked, "Mom, can I goto Science today?"  They were very excited to learn about animals, and nature. Weeks later and he still references what he learned at the workshops.  As a parent/volunteer at both events, I too can attest to the well-organized, interesting, relevant curriculum offered by experienced teachers.  We will definitely continue with this activity." 
-Sharon Durland, parent

“All of my kids love the Fantastic Friday Science program!  They get so excited to participate in such hands-on experiments.  They recycled paper and made their own paper, which I don't think they ever knew they could do.  This has opened their eyes to the world of science.  They ask me every week if THIS is the week they get to do "such cool science stuff".
- Adrienne Cruz, parent

Upcoming Events
2017-2018 Fantastic Friday Science Schedule
Friday Science is where Fun and Learning intersect
...and it's a great way to have a parents' night out! 

When the school week is over, the science fun has just begun.  Friday Science is a 3-hour science adventure for kids in pre-school through grade 5.  
(Kids as young as 4 have had great success in this program, so enroll your pre-K child with confidence, provided he or she is potty trained and you feel they will be comfortable being without you for 3 hours.)

Throughout the school year, our sessions will focus on a range of themes (see below) and are taught using a student-centered, hands-on approach to learning.

  Over the course of the evening, your child will take part in 3 different activites and labs- during most of which he or she will creat and bring home a project related to the night's theme.

 In a relaxed, safe, and no-pressure environment, our programs allow children to discover  just how cool science can be!   

In addition to all of this, dinner is also included in the cost of registration- please make us aware of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
Each Friday Science event costs $38 per child.  This includes the costs of all lab materials, 3 hours of science fun, as well as pizza and juice.

Friday January 12, 2018

Friday March 23, 2018

Friday April 20, 2018
Mad Science!
We'll experiment with chemicals and work like real scientists as we extract DNA, solve science mysteries, and much more
Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead!
​We'll incorporate art with science and engineering as we play with science and art.  Depending on their ages, kids will make Art Bots, spirographs, fidget spinners and more!
Future Inventors!
Today's kids will help make the world a better place someday- so for this session we'll practice by having them design solutions to various problems.  Depending on ages, they will build Rube Goldberg machines, design and build amusement park rides out of everyday materials, play with Lego Simple Machines and more!
We DO NOT offer refunds for missed classes.  However, if you miss a class for which you have pre-paid, the registration & fees can be transferred to another session or another child.  Please call with quesitons.
Fantastic Friday Science
LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Pay for 5 Friday Science sessions and get the 6th session for FREE! see below for details
 All Friday Science sessions listed below will take place at 
Eastport Elementary in Annapolis 
(420 5th st. Annapolis, MD 21403) 
from 5:30-8:30pm 
and are open to all students in grades PK-5
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